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Jersey Shore Region Porsche Club of America 

Jersey Shore Porsche Club

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Officers of the Club are elected in the fall and serve a 2-year term.

Meet our Officers of the Jersey Shore Region of the Porsche Club of America

Meetups, Dinners, Driving Education, Product launches, and much more. 


Join the fun and enjoy the many photos from our past events.

Officers of the Club are elected in the fall and serve a 2-year term.


A Publication of the Jersey Shore Region of the Porsche Club of America Serving Porsche Owners for over 60 years


Meetups, Dinners, Driving Education, Product launches, and much more. 

Presidents Message

Hello fellow enthusiasts,



Summer is near. The mercury is climbing, and our club events are revving up! Our latest Porsches and Watches event was a smashing success, thanks to the expertise of our member Paul Boutros, head of the watch department at Phillips. His knowledge and the dazzling array of special watches made it an unforgettable experience.


But the excitement doesn't stop there! In April and May, we packed the schedule, including a detailed event at Evolution Spa on 4/14 and a brand-new addition to our lineup, the Porsches and Photos event on 4/27. Plus, mark your calendars for the BodyMotion Cars and Coffee event held on 4/21, another successful event for our members. Keep an eye out for our June events. 


Whether you're a regular attendee or a newcomer, we invite you to join us. We thrive on new ideas, fresh faces, and members who are passionate about shaping the future of our club. Keep an eye on our website and your inbox for more information and updates. Let's make this spring unforgettable together!



JSRPCA President

Sunday, March 10th, was a special day for Jersey Shore with our first ever "Porsches and Watches" event. 

Almost 40 people were in attendance at a private room in Belmar's Anchor Tavern. This event was the brainchild of Jersey Shore member Ana Seijas who we unfortunately lost last year. Ana knew that there are synergies between watch collecting and Porsche collecting, and this event certainly proved that!

Jersey Shore Region is very lucky to have Paul Boutros as one of our members. Paul is the Deputy Chairman and Head of Watches for Phillips--the leading auction house dedicated to collector's watches. Under Paul's leadership, the Phillips New York team sold a Heuer Monaco wristwatch gifted by Steve McQueen for $2.2M, Marlon Brando's Rolex GMT Master worn in "Apocalypse Now" for nearly $2M, a Rolex Day-Date belonging to Jack Nicklaus for $1.2M, Roger Smith's Number Two pocket watch for $4.9M, and Paul Newman's Rolex "Big Red" Daytona for $5.5M.  And speaking of Paul Newman, Paul Boutros also led the auction that resulted in Paul Newman's "other" Rolex Daytona selling for $17.8M--the highest amount ever paid for a vintage wristwatch sold at auction.

Members brought their watches for Paul to appraise. Many brought in family heirlooms and learned a great deal about the pieces they've had for so many years. Paul's expertise regarding each and every time piece presented to him was phenomenal.  He also provided the group with a great deal of information on the care and maintenance of their watches. The BEST story of the afternoon was a member who brought in a Rolex given to him by his wife in 1982 as a wedding gift.  She paid $1,200 for it at the time.  Paul's appraisal was $100,000, and the group was very excited (especially the watch owner!).  What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Thank you so much, Paul Boutros for giving us your time and sharing your vast expertise!



Our events are added and updated here. Check back often! 

Number    Event     Potential/Action items            Confirmed  dates        
1    New Member Gathering/IMSA Rolex 24    1/27/2024    COMPLETED    about 42 attendees

2    Garage Sale at BodyMotion    3/10/2024      10 AM -1 PM    COMPLETED    

3    Porsches and Watches    3/10/2024    2-5 PM at Anchor Tavern    COMPLETED    33 attendees    

4    Cars and Coffee at Ray Catena Porsche     3/24/2024 8 AM - 12    NON-JSRPCA event  COMPLETED  
5    Detail event at Evolution Spa in Seagirt    April 14th, 10 AM -1 PM  COMPLETE

6    Bodymotion Cars And Coffee    Sunday, April 21st, 8 AM to 10:30 AM    NON-JSRPCA event   COMPLETE                   
7    Porsches & Photos    4/27/2024   Pier Village Long Branch    8:30-10 AM  COMPLETE  

Bodymotion Enthusiast Day    5/11/2024 NON-JSRPCA event  12-5 PM  COMPLETE      
9    Tall Oaks  or Cream Ridge Brewery    June 8 (TBA)  


10. Wings and Wheels Airshow at the Eagles Nest Airport in West Creek, NJ - non-PCA Event
Saturday, June 15th from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. No Charge. 

Sport and Classic car Parking is on the left as you pull in, alongside the first hanger and opposite the general parking area. They would like an estimate to set up the special parking area. Please RSVP to Bill at Enjoy the day if you go.

11   NJ State House Tour    June 26, 2004 @ 2:30 PM     rsvp for 30 people  


12   Screamin’ Hill Brewery / Happy Apple Inn June 29th, 3:00 p.m.                  
13    Tech Night Bodymotion     7/31/2024    need to verify date    5-7 PM         
14    Driver Education Event 
THUNDER IN THE PINES XVII    8/07-8/8/24    ALL DAY 8-5         
15    Culinary Institute    July TBA        
16    PCA HQ Open House    9/7/2024    NON-JSRPCA event  in Columbia, MD            
17    Octoberfest at Black Forest Inn    10/5/2024    date and location tentative    
18   4th Annual Boardwalk Reunion     10/19/2024   NON-JSRPCA event    
19    Holiday Dinner - new venue 12/7/2023  6 PM -10 Saturday  include toys for tots - to Porsche Monmouth    


Battleship Visit    TBD    Spring or Fall
Overnight tours    TBD    2 day driving tour (Woodstock)
Grounds for Sculpture    TBD    

apple apple Inn.jpg

Screamin’ Hill Brewery / Happy Apple Inn

Dear Jersey Shore Member,


Come join us on Saturday, June 29th! The plan is to meet at 3:00 PM at the Screamin' Hill Brewery/Beer Farm in Cream Ridge.  Screamin' Hill is the Garden State's only Farm Brewery, and they started this 6 generations ago. We'll get a brief presentation on the brewery itself and the beer making process. Of course for those who enjoy a cold one, beer can be purchased from their current lineup.


At 4:30 we'll leave Screamin' Hill and drive 5 minutes to the Happy Apple Inn. This restaurant was built in the 1800's as a stagecoach stop between the state capital and shore points. Alan and I really enjoy the Happy Apple and try to make it our "go to" on Friday nights. It's a charming old place with really good food. We'll be seated upstairs at their new "Bourbon Bar"--but don't be concerned if you're not a bourbon drinker--they offer all kinds of wonderful wine and cocktails. We are asking that you bring cash for the Happy Apple because credit cards for this number of people will be just too cumbersome for them.


Please RSVP directly to me no later than 6/22 if you're planning to join us. My email is


Reach out with any questions. Look forward to seeing you there!




Happy Apple Inn
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Please Join The Jersey Shore Region of the Porsche Club of America

For our annual two-day High-Speed Driving Event THUNDER IN THE PINES XVII, Wednesday and Thursday, August 7th & 8th

On the Thunderbolt Race Track • New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ

Please join us for our 17th Annual High-Speed Driving Event on the Thunderbolt Race Track. This is a chance for you to drive your car on a real race track in a controlled environment. You do not have to do anything special to your car. The only requirements are that you have your car inspected prior to the event to confirm it is safe and you must wear a Snell approved, closed-face auto helmet (which you can rent at the track). 

Contact our Trackchair, Richard Gardella

Digital Membership Cards Available

PCA members can now opt-in to the digital membership card, available for Apple and Android digital wallets. It's easy and quick to download! Once in your wallet, your card is easily accessible when you need it.

Members may opt for a digital or mailed card, but not both. And with either the mailed card or the digital card, the primary member's choice will extend to the family/affiliate co-member.

Once opted in for a PCA digital membership card, you will receive an email that includes:

  • instructions for you and your family/affiliate co-member to access your digital membership card(s)

  • a digital version of the membership brochure 

  • instructions on how to request a PCA window decal.


If you opt-in, you will not receive a mailed membership package or a mailed renewal reminder, but all of your other preferences will remain the same. So, for example, you will still continue to receive a mailed Panorama magazine if you already do so.

With this new feature, we look forward to allowing our members to carry this convenient digital card with them everywhere in their smartphone's digital wallet. This will also be a step forward in helping the Club become more sustainable and continuously adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

To learn more or opt in, visit

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For sale by a neighbor of a member. 2020 911 with 31,000 miles-service up to date car in great shape( never saw a winter!) asking 90,000.


Call Paul 732-887-5764

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