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Jersey Shore Region PCA Past Events

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JSRPCA is fortunate to have many members who volunteer their time. While the cars are why we get together, the people keep the club alive and growing. Enjoy the members' Gallery of our events held throughout the year.


If members are interested in helping to drive our growing club into the future, contact us for more information.

2023 Events

Tech Night and MR. RACE OIL® Presentation August 2nd, 2023

On August 2nd, as they have done for many years, the folks at Bodymotion provided free tech inspections for the August 9th and 10th Driver’s Ed (DE) at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) in Millville, NJ. The inspections were open to anyone, not just those intending to participate in the DE. As usual, many inspections took place. The DE inspections covered more items than the safety-check version.

Once inspections were completed Timothy Miranda a.k.a. MR. RACE OIL® gave an overview of his company’s high-performance lubricants which are engineered for specific types of racing. Their proprietary, leading-edge technology provides customers with proven performance advantages.

Following introductions by Mike Bavaro of Bodymotion Tim spoke of his engineering background, years of experience in the field of specialized lubricants, and formation of his companies. He began his talk by describing how a lubricant reduces wear and tear on moving parts by separating surfaces with a fluid hydrodynamic film, refinery operations, and the differences between conventional and synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is created by chemical restructuring of refinery feedstocks.

Some of the additional areas touched on by Tim were: 1) reviewing oil viscosity classifications such as SAE 10W – 30 etc., the role of additives, and 2) consumer symbols, such as Porsche a40. Tim then described race oil, what is it, and what is it not (street oil). Race oil, usually synthetic, is designed for engine type, fuel, power considerations, and typically one-race usage. His company offers different race oils designed for the type of racing involved. Thanks, Tim, for a great presentation

Bodymotion’s Enthusiast Day and 40th Anniversary - May 13, 2023

Bodymotion’s Enthusiast Day and 40th Anniversary celebration took place on May 13th at their location on Cindy Lane in Ocean Township, NJ. What a celebration it was! One hundred plus of the automotive world’s finest and their caring owners attended the event.

A number of cars lined up to try their luck at the horsepower race on the Dynamometer provided by DYNODYNAMICS LLC. Memory serves me that a Dodge Demon was the overall winner making 701 RWHP. Live music was provided by Chris Morrisey, and three different local food trucks kept the action going. Gary Tucker of Bodymotion did the emcee and raffle honors throughout the afternoon. 

Fun fact: Gary Tucker, when he was 15, painted the interior of Bodymotion prior to its opening 40 years ago! Gary stayed on at Bodymotion as it opened and remained through his last year of High School. Many years later, when Gary’s career with Porsche took off, he assisted Bodymotion with the integration of the PORSCHE APPROVED COLLISION CENTER (PACC).

Everyone had a great time meeting old and new friends. Owner Mike Bavaro’s mom sat in a comfortable lawn chair and watched over the proceedings, perhaps even telling Mike to slow down as he buzzed around on his electric scooter! All-in-all, a great way to say thank you to 40 years of customers! Bodymotion has staff that have been there for over 37 years, and most have been at Bodymotion for a decade or longer. Something you don’t see anymore. The staff all gathered, and Dave Reinhart (GM of Bodymotion and a 37-year employee!) presented Mike & Margaret Bavaro with new jackets that were embroidered with their names, a special 40th-anniversary logo, and with Mike's new motto in a picture of an engine, much like a check engine light, with the verbiage of “everything is fine “ ! All in all, a great way to celebrate 40 years of business! 

Cars & Coffee at Bodymotion - April 16th

Another super well-attended Cars & Coffee was held Sunday, April 16th, at Bodymotion on Cindy Lane here in Oakhurst, NJ. Despite the overcast skies, there had to be at least One hundred cars, and a motorcycle or two were in attendance. Many marques were displayed, ranging from one of Henry Ford's 1929 Model A's and a restored panel truck to high-powered and beautiful sportscars. The parking lot was full.

Along with a variety of coffee blends and frosted doughnuts, you could have your car doors open back, sideways, and up! Conversations abounded everywhere with old acquaintances and new friends.

As always, many thanks to the great folks at Bodymotion for hosting the event!

​​Ray Catena Porsche Cars & Coffee - March 26th

Ray Catena Porsche, located at 920 U.S. Highway One in Edison, NJ, held a Cars & CoffeeMarch 26th. The parking lot and showroom were full of many examples of the finest sports cars in the world. One brave owner even parked his or her Lamborghini at the entrance from the highway. A number of JSRPCA members attended, some familiar faces and others not met before. Coffee, donuts, and cookies were there in abundance. Lunch at a sports bar on the other side of the highway capped off the day. Editor’s note: My personal favorites were the two 911s in Sport Classic motif in the showroom by the window, one of which was a Speedster.


Advice to self for a return visit....get there early! Follow R/C on Facebook & Instagram @RayCatenaPorsche Today!