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Jersey Shore Region
Driver Education

Open Board Meeting & DE Overview

It'confirmed. DE is scheduled for 8/9/2023 and 8/10/2023! Watch for updates and further details for our 2023 DE event using

On July 12th, following JSR’s open board meeting at the Ark Pub & Eatery in Point Pleasant Beach, member Mike Gussis gave a “Driver Ed” overview to club members who have signed up or are interested in knowing what it’s like to drive on a track for the first time.
Mike began by describing his driving background of some 200-plus track days starting in 2005, progressing through the various run group experience levels (Green, Yellow, Blue, etc.), including becoming an instructor and Club Racing. Throughout his talk, Mike emphasized that DE is NOT a race. Its purpose is to learn how properly (and safely) handle your car at speed to fully experience its overall performance. Anyone can go fast in a straight line, but it’s in the corners where one truly learns to handle the car. He then asked the new DE members to introduce themselves and what they hoped to learn from a DE track event.

Following that, Mike went through preparing for and participating in a track event: 1) registering and paying for an event online, 2) booking hotel night(s) and packing needed gear, 3) attending a DE Tech Session (free at Bodymotion) to ensure any needed repairs are made before the event, 4) arriving at the event a day early to be rested on track day, 5) signing in at the track and attending the driver’s meeting, 6) being assigned a run group/time, one last safety check, driving on the track (usually 4 sessions per day), and finally a review of the day with your instructor. If one does both days, lessons learned on the first day could be applied on the second.

Instructors will go over hand signals to guide students to best practices around the track, such as braking, positioning for turns, when to accelerate, and passing in allowed areas. There will be connections between helmets so students and instructors can communicate.

Other important items to consider are wearing long pants and sneaker-type shoes, bringing plenty of water to stay hydrated, bringing sunscreen, gassing up before arriving at the track (less expensive), and perhaps even considering track day insurance. Thanks, Mike, for an excellent overview!

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