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Jersey Shore Region
Driver Education

What Exactly is DE?

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Many PCA members have asked questions regarding Driver’s Education Events, and it can be confusing tounderstand. In a nutshell, a Driver’s Education (DE as it is commonly referred to) is a program developed by the PCA to allow drivers of all skill levels the opportunity to drive on real racetracks. Drivers learn more about their car and its handling in a fun environment. You must be at least 18 years old and hold a current driver's license.

A DE event is one of the most exciting opportunities you will ever have behind the wheel of your Porsche (outside of actual wheel-to-wheel racing). Almost every Porsche ever built will qualify to attend our events, no matter what the age of the car. Typically, a DE event is run from 1-3 days. The Jersey Shore Region is hosting a two-day event on August 9th and 10th in New Jersey Motorsports Park, which is open to all members. You can register online at Each day will have four driving groups (divided by experience and skill level) who each go onto the track 4 times for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Groups are divided to ensure maximum safety and fun by enabling you to drive with similarly experienced drivers at similar speeds.

In the novice groups, drivers are accompanied by instructors who teach you high-performance driving techniques and fundamentals. A Drivers Education event is not racing, the events are not timed, and there are no prizes. We intentionally restrict passing zones to straight areas of the track to ensure your safety, and we strictly enforce all safety rules.

Drivers Education is run by many PCA Regions throughout the summer, and any PCA member can
generally participate at any region's DE events. Some PCA regions restrict entrants to drive Porsches only
, while others allow other makes of sports cars. The Jersey Shore Region accepts all marques of cars for our events. Generally speaking, any Porsche that is in good, safe working order will be acceptable for entry in any Drivers Education event. The only exceptions are that some 911 cabriolets are equipped with a roll bar
per the rules of New Jersey Motorsports Park. Please contact our track chair if you are driving a 911 cabriolet
before registering or with questions.

The Jersey Shore Region requires that your vehicle undertake a “Technical Inspection” given by a recognized Jersey Shore Tech Inspector. These Inspections must be undertaken prior to arrival at the event and are intended primarily to ensure the safety and trackworthiness of your vehicle. Both Porsche Monmouth and Bodymotion provide these inspections. Details of these inspections, along with a downloadable “tech” form are available on our website ( Tech inspections are generally performed 1-2 weeks before your event. Bodymotion is providing a free tech inspection on Wednesday, August 2nd. See The Shoreline for times and details.

The first time on the track, you really don’t have to do anything special to your car. Your regular seats and seat belts will be just fine. As your driving skills progress, you may want to upgrade things like brake fluid, tires, seats, or restraint (seat belt) systems. All PCA Drivers Education events require that you wear a helmet while on the track. Our event at NJMP requires a closed-face helmet. The Jersey Shore Region requires that these helmets meet at least the SA2015 or newer safety requirements, and you may purchase or rent a helmet for the event from NJMP.

Once you attend a DE event and experience the thrill of high-speed driving, you just want more. Many
DE participants live for the rush of adrenaline that comes from moments like hitting 140 mph just before breaking for turn one at NJMP, or sometimes it is the thrill of powering through a corner. But, just as important is the camaraderie of fellow Porsche enthusiasts, and the enjoyment of discussing the events throughout the day and in the evening with friends at a great restaurant. Just the drive to the track with Porsche friends is a blast. Multiple Porsches cruising together on the Garden State Parkway or NJ Turnpike on the way to a driving event is absolutely thrilling!

Please consider joining us or just come down to see
what it is like. We also offer what we call “Parade Laps,” which is taking your car on the track at low speeds to get a feel of driving on the track. No helmet is required for Parade Laps, and they will be held both days between 12:00 and 1:00. The Ray Catena Auto Group is sponsoring this year’s event, and we do request a $20 donation for St. Jude’s Children Research Center on behalf of them.

We hope you will join us, we look forward to seeing you on the track.

Driver Education event on the Thunderbolt Circuit at NJMP Aug 9-10, 2023.

This event precedes the PCA Club Race on the Thunderbolt circuit. This event is open to a limited number of students again in 2023.  Limiting factor for student enrollment will be the number of registered instructors. Students and instructors must sign up for both days.  Solo drivers have the option to attend for one or two days.  For solo drivers participating for 2 days, a $25 early registration discount will be in effect if payment is made prior to 6/30/23.

Registration Fees:
Students:             $595  
Solo Drivers:       $495 for 2-days ($470 prior to 6/30); $375 for 1 day
Instructors:         $150

Before signing up, please ensure your profile is up to date, including the car you will be driving and your driving experience.  Once you sign up, a change to a different car in your profile must be requested in writing to the registrar.

This is a DE, not a race or practice for a race, and will be run under PCA HPDE Rules and Regulations. All non-driving coaches (for solo drivers) MUST register and pay the entry fee in advance.  If you are a driver wishing to use a coach, please direct him/her to register prior to the event.

IMPORTANT!  Registration is NOT complete until payment is made.  Payment should be made online by credit card at the time of registration.  If it is necessary to waitlist drivers, note that it is the payment date --NOT registration date-- that determines a place in the waitlist queue. 


New requirement for 2023: Drivers of cars with auto-braking and/or lane change assist features must be able to (and demonstrate that he/she can) toggle those features off at the track.  Please note that cars that do not have the ability to disable these features CANNOT drive on the track.

To register, click the following link:

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