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Jersey Shore Region Porsche Club Membership

PCA Membership: Join the Club! Join the Fun!

Own a Porsche? Join the club. Over 150,000 of your fellow Porsche owners already have. Try our Test-Drive membership. 

Click HERE for more information about payment options, or if you want to pay online and have your credit card and Porsche's VIN handy, head straight over to the Membership Application Form.

For over 65 years, the Porsche Club of America has been dedicated to enhancing the Porsche ownership experience. No matter your interest - social, technical, or competitive - PCA has something to offer every Porsche owner. Jersey Shore Region is a group of enthusiasts planning events around our love of Porsche.

We know the unbridled joy of driving a Porsche, and we've built a community around that feeling and friendship. The Jersey Shore Porsche Club is part of the Porsche Club of America and offers driving experience, technical assistance, member benefits, and camaraderie second to none. Over the years, our club is one of 147 Regions across North America. 

At JSR-PCA, we believe all Porsches are equal. So, whether you are passionate about your 356, 911, 912, 914, 924, 928, 944, 968, Macan, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster, Taycan, Panamera, or any of the other amazing Porsche models, you are always welcome at our events and gatherings.

Membership is open to all Porsche owners, co-owners, or lessees who are 18 years of age or older. At the time of joining, the member of record is permitted to name either a relative or other interested people to become an affiliate member at no additional cost. The family or affiliate member also must be 18 years of age or older.

If you don't yet own a Porsche but want to join PCA, consider entering our PCA Test Drive program.

PCA membership is available in three payment options: 

1 year.....  $46
2 years...  $90
3 years...  $132

The fee includes a subscription to Porsche Panorama, PCA's award-winning monthly magazine and the world's premier publication dedicated to Porsches.

Front Driver side headlamp of a Porsche

Digital Membership Cards Available

PCA members can now opt-in to the digital membership card, available for Apple and Android digital wallets. It's easy and quick to download! Once in your wallet, your card is easily accessible when you need it.

Members may opt for a digital or mailed card, but not both. And with either the mailed card or the digital card, the primary member's choice will extend to the family/affiliate co-member.

Once opted in for a PCA digital membership card, you will receive an email that includes:

  • instructions for you and your family/affiliate co-member to access your digital membership card(s)

  • a digital version of the membership brochure 

  • instructions on how to request a PCA window decal.


If you opt-in, you will not receive a mailed membership package or a mailed renewal reminder, but all of your other preferences will remain the same. So, for example, you will still continue to receive a mailed Panorama magazine if you already do so.

With this new feature, we look forward to allowing our members to carry this convenient digital card with them everywhere in their smartphone's digital wallet. This will also be a step forward in helping the Club become more sustainable and continuously adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

To learn more or opt in, visit

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